Home and School Workshops

Workshop Exploration (Q&A)

What are the workshop objectives?

Though there are many objectives for the Health and Wellness workshops, they have been designed with student growth in mind. The workshops will focus on helping students understand mental health and wellness, set goals, develop decision-making skills, build confidence, and more.

Can we add this to our Homeschool community day?

Yes! Incorporating the Health and Wellness workshops into a community day curriculum is often a great idea. It can provide conveinence for families, consistency for students, and collaboration amongst peers.

What is offered for parents?

Since parents are such an integral piece to every step of the puzzle, we have designed both group and individual session options to choose from. We have workshops that discuss similiar topics as the students but with a more in depth focus. We also offer individual sessions that allow for personalized attention.

What if my schedule is extremely busy?

We are parents as well, so we know how schedules get full. Contact us to see just how flexible we are when it comes to meeting your needs. We look forward to servicing you.

What age group are the workshops for?

The workshops can be customized based on your age group needs. Though many of the in depth workshops are designed with pre-teens and young adults in mind, we are always happy to discuss the desires you may have.

Do you offer these workshops to public schools, churches, or others in the community.

Yes! We are always happy to bring both workshops and individual services to any organization that is willing to provide services to their youth. Our goal is to bring health and wellness to as many pre-teens and young adults as possible. We strive to build additional relationships througout the community in order to provide a local resource and partner.